(FR ) Une journée d’intégration fédératrice pour les 1 200 étudiants du Groupe IGS Toulouse !

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(FR ) Les étudiants, alternants et apprentis des 5 écoles du Groupe IGS à Toulouse (IGS-RH, ISCPA, IPI, ICD...

(FR ) Portrait de Sophie Douhet, formatrice au Campus IGS Alternance

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(FR ) Découvrez le portrait de Sophie Douhet, formatrice au Campus IGS Alternance

(FR ) Le CFA IGS se mobilise pour l’UNICEF

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(FR ) Le 24 mai dernier, le CFA IGS a organisé une journée haïtienne sur le campus Dupont au...

Sherbrooke-Paris: an Initiatory Voyage

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Mélanie Gay, a 5th-year student in “International Management” at ESAM, is in a dual degree program with the Université...

A Life-Changing App for Students!

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The mobile app ‘My Groupe IGS’ was just launched. Its purpose: facilitate the lives of the IGS Group’s students...

Two Days Dedicated to the Business World

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Two days dedicated to careers in the business world as well as internships and work-study training positions were organized...

IGSconnect: Bringing the Community Together

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On December 1st, IGS-RH simultaneously organized an evening called “IGSconnect” on the Paris, Lyon and Toulouse campuses. Let’s take...

The ABSParis Partners up with BHV Marais

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On November 21st, ABSParis and BHV Marais signed an agreement that would, on the one hand, assist the company...

Game On for the IGS Group Students

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At the end of November, seven schools, from the three different campuses in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse, participated in...